Hawaiian Native Plant Genera - Rubiaceae


BI or BV

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cop_ern_chlms.jpg (13411 bytes) cop_ern_frs.jpg (11952 bytes)
Coprosma ernodeoides, 'aiakanene, kukaenene, leponene, nene, punene, pilo, hupilo, endemic. The unisexual flowers and the long, brush-like stigmas of the female flowers are characteristic of wind pollination and are rare features in this family.
Coprosma foliosa, pilo, hupilo, endemic. While this species is normally dioecious, perfect flowers are occasionally produced as may be seen in this photo. Most dioecious species appear to be capable of producing bisexual flowers such as this under certain conditions.
cop_kau_habs.jpg (14159 bytes) cop_kaus.jpg (9827 bytes) cop_kau_frs.jpg (9748 bytes)
Coprosma kauensis, koi, pilo, hupilo, Kahuama'a Flat, Kaua'i, endemic.
cop_lon_fs.jpg (10773 bytes) cop_sp_f1s.jpg (8983 bytes) cop_lon_frs.jpg (13069 bytes)
Coprosma longifolia, pilo, hupilo, 1-5 - Palikea, O'ahu, 6 - S Koolau Mts., Oahu, endemic.
cop_mens.jpg (15077 bytes) Coprosma menziesii, pilo, hupilo, Hi'iaka Crater, Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai'i, endemic.
cop_mon_mids.jpg (10307 bytes) cop_mon_f1s.jpg (12120 bytes)
cop_mon_frs.jpg (11978 bytes)
Coprosma montana, pilo, hupilo, endemic.
cop_ochs.jpg (8995 bytes)
Coprosma ochracea, pilo, hupilo, 3 - Mt. Ka'ala, O'ahu, 4 - Thurston Lava, Tube, Hawai'i, endemic.
Coprosma rhynchocarpa, pilo, endemic.
cop_sp_f2s.jpg (9255 bytes) cop_sp_m1s.jpg (9093 bytes)
Coprosma sp., pilo, hupilo, Palehua-Palikea Trail, O'ahu, endemic.

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