Carlquistia B. G. Baldwin

Last Addition: December 5, 1999.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Carlquistia is a monotypic genus of leafy stemmed, rhizomatous, perennial herbs of granitic substrates in mid- to high-elevation montane habitats in the S Sierra Nevada and on Ventana Double Cone, Monterey Co., California.  Plants 7-54 cm high.  Heads discoid; phyllaries absent; receptacular bracts confined to periphery of capitulum, encircling the disk flowers and comprising a false involucre; disk florets 7-29, perfect, the corollas and anthers yellow; cypselae 3.5-7.5 mm long, terete, straight or slightly curved; pappus of 9-17 subulate, ciliate-plumose scales 5-11 mm long.  The chromosome number is n = 8.

rail_muirs.jpg (10988 bytes) rai_mui_mids.jpg (11718 bytes) rai_mui_hds.jpg (10494 bytes)
C. muirii.  Note the mat-like growth form similar to that of Dubautia scabra of Hawai'i.  The rayless heads are also similar in the two species, except those of D. scabra have white flowers and the peripheral receptacular bracts are more or less completely coalesced into a cup-like false involcre.  In Carlquistia the peripheral bracts are only weakly coalesced toward the base.

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