Calycadenia mollis A. Gray

Last Addition: July 3, 2000

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Calycadenia mollis is a relatively common species found in the central and southern Sierra Nevada foothills at elevations from about 150 - 1500 m.  Populations are usually either white to red-flowered or yellow-flowered but occasionally these color forms are intermixed.  The tack-shaped glands that define the genus are generally confined to the margins of the flattened peduncular bracts in this species.  The chromosome number is n = 7.  Putative natural hybrids between C. mollis and C. multiglandulosa have been observed at one site of sympatry.  Calycadenia mollis has been artificially hybridized with C. truncata and C. villosa and also with Osmadenia tenella.

cal_mol_habitats.jpg (12418 bytes) Habitat of yellow-flowered population in Fresno County.
cal_mol_habs.jpg (15918 bytes) A white-flowered population in Fresno County about 1 mile from the yellow-flowered population illustrated above.
cal_mol_hab2s.jpg (8905 bytes) A greenhouse-grown plant from a yellow-flowered Madera County population.
cal_mol_gls.jpg (11145 bytes) Close-up of flowering heads of a plant grown from seeds collected in Madera County about 3 miles from the greenhouse-grown plant above.  This photo illustrates the broad, medially depressed peduncular bract with their marginal tack-shaped glands that delineate this species.
Face view of head of yellow-flowered form.
cal_mol_fls.jpg (11462 bytes) Close-up of ray and disk florets from a yellow-flowered, Fresno County population.

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