Calycadenia hooveri G. D. Carr

Last Addition: November 25, 2006

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Calycadenia hooveri is one of two species of Calycadenia known to be self-compatible.  It is a rare species found on very barren soils of low foothills on the eastern side of the Central Valley from Calaveras to Mariposa counties, CA.  The heads of this species are the smallest in the genus, commonly having only 1 ray and 1 disk flower.  The chromosome number is n = 7.  The species has been artificially hybridized with C. villosa and C. pauciflora (Race Tehama).   Natural interspecific hybridization involving C. hooveri is unknown.

cal_hoo_habitats.jpg (12990 bytes) Habitat at Camanche Reservoir site in Calaveras County.
cal_hoo_habs.jpg (8665 bytes) Greenhouse grown plant of Mariposa County population.  Plants in the field are not generally nearly this robust.
cal_hoo_hds.jpg (11654 bytes) Heads from plants of Stanislas County population.  Note the extremely small size and  low number of florets per head and the single gland terminating the peduncular bracts.
Front view of head, note one ray and one disk floret.
cal_hoo_fls.jpg (10062 bytes) Ray and disk florets of Stanislas County population.

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