Calycadenia fremontii x C. pauciflora


C. fremontii Race Ciliosa (n = 6) Natural Hybrid C. pauciflora Race Ramulosa (n = 6)

Crosses between these species produced 124 individuals with a mean pollen stainability of 9%.  Parental forms producing hybrids included Races Ciliosa, Dry Creek, Elegans, and Healdsburg of C. fremontii (all n = 6), and Races Pauciflora (n = 5), Ramulosa (n = 6), Tehama (n = 6), and Wurlitzer (n = 6) of C. pauciflora. Chromosome pairing in the hybrids during meiosis was high and multiple associations were formed that indicate the species differ by a minimum of 2-4 reciprocal chromosome translocations, depending on the races being compared.

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