Calycadenia fremontii x C. multiglandulosa


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C. fremontii (n = 6) Artificial Hybrid C. multiglandulosa (n = 6)

Fifteen individuals of this interspecific hybrid combination were produced; the parents included chromosome races Ciliosa, Dry Creek, and Elegans of C. fremontii and subspecies bicolor and cephalotes of C. multiglandulosa.  The mean pollen stainability of the hybrids was slightly over 2%.  Chromosome pairing was good and was characterized by long multiple associations of at least eight chromosomes during meiosis.  The top row illustrates the hybrid between C. fremontii Race Elegans and C. multiglandulosa subsp. bicolor.  Note that the anomalous 4-lobed condition of one of the rays of the C. multiglandulosa parent is also expressed in the hybrid.  In the bottom row C. fremontii Race Ciliosa with its bright yellow flowers served as one of the parents.  In such hybrids between white and yellow-flowered forms of Calycadenia, the hybrid exhibits pale yellow flowers as seen here.

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