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Adansonia digitata, baobab, dead rat tree. Tree from tropical Africa with palmately lobed leaves and much enlarged trunk. The Kenyans say the devil planted this tree upside down because of the monstrous appearance with its swollen, bottle-shaped trunk and short dumpy branches sticking up in the air like thick roots. A trunk circumference of 62 feet has been reported in this species. Several trees in Africa are reckoned to be about 5,000 years old. The fragrant white flowers are about 6 inches across and are pollinated by bats. The 6 - 18 inch long fuzzy fruits are on long stalks giving the appearance of a hanging dead rat.
Bombax ceiba, red silk cotton tree. Large tree from tropical Asia with prickly trunk and palmate leaves bearing 3-7 leaflets. The common name refers to hairs (similar to but inferior to kapok) associated with the seeds.
Bombax glabra, Guiana chestnut, Malabar chestnut. Tree from tropical S America. The fruit is woody, 4 - 12 inches long, and contains rounded seeds that are edible raw or roasted.
Ceiba pentandra, Kapok, 1,2 - Foster Garden, Honolulu, HI, 2004.
Ceiba samauma, lupuna.
Chorisia speciosa.
Durio zibethinus, durian. This is one of the most highly prized of tropical fruits, at least in indonesia where it is used to flavor a variety of foodstuffs, including ice cream. Presumably it is an acquired taste as it has a very heavy odor that is disagreeable to most who encounter it for the first time.
Ochroma pyrimidale, balsa wood.
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Pseudobombax ellipticum, bombax. Tree from tropical America with showy flowers having conspicuous pink or white stamens, often flowering when the tree is bare.
Quararibea sp.

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