Blepharizonia Greene

Last Addition: July 26, 2000.  Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph.

Blepharizonia includes two robust xerophytic annual species occupying an area from the vicinity of San Francisco Bay and adjacent San Joaquin Valley S in the Coast Range to Kern County; herbage strongly scented, moderately hispid to densely pilose and also with prominent T-glands. Plants 3-18 dm high.  Heads radiate; phyllaries 5-13, glandular, concave, each appressed to but not enfolding a ray ovary; receptacular chaff  scales flat, between the ray and disk flowers; ray florets pistillate, the corolla white, red-veined; disk florets 10-35, perfect, the corollas white; anthers brown; ray and disk cypselae similar, club-shaped, 10-ribbed, 3.5-4 mm long; ray pappus absent, a minute crown, or of narrow, plumose scales < 1 mm long; disk pappus of 15-20 narrow, plumose scales 1.5-3 mm long or a minute crown or absent. The chromosome number is n = 14.

Blepharizonia laxa, far left, Corral Hollow Rd., San Joaquin Co., CA.
Blepharizonia plumosa

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