Blepharipappus Hook.

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Blepharipappus is a monotypic genus of corymbosely branched xerophytic annuals occurring from SE Washington S through Oregon to N California and N Nevada.  Plants 7-40 cm high.  Heads radiate; phyllaries 2-8, concave, each partly surrounding a ray ovary; receptacle chaffy throughout, the outer scales resembling the phyllaries; ray florets, pistillate, the corollas white, purple-veined below; disk florets 6-25 (-60) perfect, the corollas white, the styles hairy, scarcely branched; anthers purple; cypselae all alike, silky-villous, obconic;  ray and disk pappus generally of 12-18 linear, plumose bristles up to 2 mm long, frequently absent.  The chromosome number is n = 8.

B. scaber

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