Argyroxiphium sandwicense DC.

Erect, single-stemmed and monocarpic or rarely branched and polycarpic rosette shrub with epigeal or nearly epigeal rosettes; flowering stems up to nearly 3 m tall. Diagnostic features of the species include silvery floccose-sericeous, linear-ligulate to linear-lanceolate leaves 1.5-4 dm long, and large, showy heads with 50-600 disk florets. Flowering occurs mostly from mid-June to November.

This species is found on the upper slopes of Mauna Kea, Hawai'i and the summit area of Haleakala, East Maui in high elevation scrub or alpine cinder desert habitats ranging in elevation from 2,125 to 3,750 m. It occurs in sites receiving about 50-175 cm of annual precipitation.

Two subspecies are recognized as follows:

Last Modification: March 20, 1997

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