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Xanthorrhoea sp.
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Aloe barbadensis, Barbados aloe, medicinal aloe. Low or stemless succulent from Africa, with prickly margined, pointed leaves that exude a yellowish, gelatinous, medicinal sap when cut. The sap is considered very helpful for burns and abrasions and other skin problems such as athlete's foot.  [+Asphodelaceae]

Aloe plicatilis, aloe. [+Asphodelaceae]
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Dianella sandwicensis, Liliaceae, 'uki'uki, uki, indigenous to Hawaii. [+Hemerocallidaceae]
Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus, day lily. [+Hemerocallidaceae]
Hemerocallis hybrid. [+Hemerocallidaceae]
pho_ten_habs.jpg (5420 bytes) Phormium tenax, New Zealand flax, New Zealand hemp. [+Hemerocallidaceae]

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