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Passiflora edulis, passion fruit, liliko'i. Vine from Brazil with tendrils and showy, crowned flowers. Grown for its flavorful fruits. Each seed is enclosed in a juicy, sheath-like aril that originates from the funiculus (seed stalk). Note parietal placentation typical of the Violales.
Passiflora foetida, love-in-a-mist, pohapoha. Vine from Brazil with tendrils and showy, crowned flowers. The common name refers to the mist-like appearance of the finely divided bracts surrounding the fruit.
Passiflora ligularis, sweet granadilla.
Passiflora manicata.
Passiflora mollissima, banana poka. This species is a serious threat to the Hawaiian flora.
Passiflora suberosa, hue hue haole, unusually small-flowered, self-compatible species lacking a corolla, Kaneohe, HI, December, 2004.
Passiflora sp., passion flower, OSU Campus, Corvallis, OR, July, 2003.
Turnera ulmifolia, yellow alder. Coarse herb or shrub from the West Indies and tropical America with elm-like leaves and conspicuous, yellow flowers. Becoming popular in landscaping. [+Turneraceae]

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