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Asparagus densiflorus, coarse asparagus fern. Generally prickly climber from S. Africa, with narrow, flattened "leaves" (actually cladodes) in clusters of 1-3; foliage generally not in flattened sprays. Flowers tiny, white or pinkish, several, in dense clusters; fruits red. Important foliage plant for floral arrangements; several varieties are used (e.g. cv. 'Springeri').
Asparagus setaceus. These flowers have 6 tepals, 6 stamens, and a tricarpellate gynoecium with a superior ovary and 3 stigmas. The fruit is a berry.
Asparagus sp.
Asparagus sp.
Agave attenuata. [+Agavaceae]
aga_sp2_fls.jpg (11914 bytes) Agave sp. [+Agavaceae]
Beschornia sp. [+Agavaceae]
Furcraea foetida, Mauritius hemp. Giant rosette plant from South America with leaves up to 8 feet long, the stem elongating only when the tall (15-30 feet) flowering stalk is produced. Widely cultivated for fiber. [+Agavaceae]
Hosta sp, plantain lily. [+Agavaceae]
Yucca brevifolia, Joshua tree. [+Agavaceae]
Yucca schidigera. [+Agavaceae]
Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant. Herb from South Africa with tufts of foot-long, strap-like green leaves often variegated with yellow or white stripes. [+Agavaceae]
Hesperocallis undulata. [+Hesperocallidaceae]
Camassia quamash, camas. [+Hyacinthaceae]
Cordyline fruticosa, ti, ki. A woody stemmed candelabra shrub from SE Asia with large green or reddish or brightly variegated leaves, brought to Hawaii by migrating Polynesians. The leaves were used for a variety of purposes, including thatching, rain coats, food wrapping, and hula skirts. The Hawaiians used the root to make a beverage of low alcoholic content. After Cook's time, British sailors taught them how to make a more potent drink (okolehao). [+Laxmanniaceae]
Lomandra sp.  One of about 35 species in a genus occurring in Australia, New Guinea, and New Caledonia. [+Laxmanniaceae]
dra_mar_fls.jpg (12208 bytes) Dracaena marginata, money tree, dracaena. Candelabra shrub from Madagascar, with slender, woody stems and tufts of sword-like leaves at the tips. If you plant this by your house, you want the branches to lean toward the walls because supposedly then the money will flow in. [+Ruscaceae]
Liriope cf. muscari "variegata", variegated lily turf. [+Ruscaceae]
Maianthemum dilatatum, wild lily-of-the-valley, Alsea Falls, OR, 2002. [+Ruscaceae]
Maianthemum racemosus, large false Solomon's seal, Alsea Falls, OR, 2002. [+Ruscaceae]
Maianthemum stellatum, small false Solomon's seal, Alsea Falls, OR, 2002. [+Ruscaceae]
Ophiopogon/Liriope. [+Ruscaceae]
Pleomele aurea, hala pepe, le'ie, endemic. [+Ruscaceae]
Pleomele auwahiensis, hala pepe. Hawaiian endemic. [+Ruscaceae]
Pleomele forbesii, hala pepe. Hawaiian endemic. [+Ruscaceae]
Sansevieria sp., mother-in-law's tongue. [+Ruscaceae]
Brodiaea douglasii, bicolored cluster-lily. [+Themidaceae]
Brodiaea coronaria, harvest lily, near Roseburg, OR. [+Themidaceae]
Brodiaea elegans, elegant cluster-lily, Grants Pass, OR. (fide R. E. Preston) [+Themidaceae]
Brodiaea terrestris, dwarf Brodiaea, Jepson Prairie, CA  (fide R. E. Preston) [+Themidaceae]
Dichelostemmum congestum, field cluster-lily, OR, 2003. [+Themidaceae]
Triteleia ixioides, golden brodiaea. [+Themidaceae]

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