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Allium geyeri, wild onion.
Allium species, wild onion, near Tyler, WA.
Tulbaghia violacea, Society garlic, cultivated, UH campus.
Agapanthus africanus, Liliaceae, lily of the Nile. Ornamental herb from S. Africa with cluster of blue or white funnel-shaped flowers elevated on leafless stalks.  The flowers of this species have a superior ovary and are arranged in umbels. [+Agapanthaceae]
Crinum asiaticum, grand crinum These flowers have a very long, narrow perianth tube or epigynous zone that arises from the summit of the inferior ovary. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Eucharis sp. Note the inferior ovary, umbellate inflorescence, and the crown formed by the androecium. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Griffinia rochae. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Hippeastrum cf. punicium, note inferior ovary and umbellate inflorescence. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Hippeastrum sp.  The two plants with red-margined white flowers in the first photo are probably H. reticulatum.  The others are probably hybrids. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Narcissus sp., daffodil, vic. Cheney, WA, 2002. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Hymenocallis littoralis, spider lily. [+Amaryllidaceae]
pha_sp_fls.jpg (9953 bytes) Phaedranassa sp.  Note strong zygomorphy of the flowers, an uncommon trait in the family. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Zephyranthes citrina, yellow zephyr flower, roadside escape, north shore, O'ahu, Hawai'i. Dec. 2003. [+Amaryllidaceae]
Zephyranthes candida, fairy lily, rain lily, white zephyr lily. [+Amaryllidaceae]

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