Photos from the Dean Conklin Plumeria Garden at Koko Crater

Honolulu Botanical Gardens

May 26, 1999

The morning these pictures were taken was generally cloudy with an occasional passing shower.  Most of these pictures came from the brief sunny intervals.  There are many more plumeria varieties than are shown here. If you are curious about the varieties, a lot of the trees in the garden have a sign giving the variety name.

Click on a thumbnail to get a full sized (1600 x 1200 pixel) image.  All these photos were taken with the Sony DSC-F55 camera.  The large pictures have been slightly tone-balanced. The thumbnails were then generated by resizing to 300 x 225 pixels and sharpened.

Warning: the full-size images are > 400 K.

Last Updated: 05/26/99