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Aleca Borsuk’s Botanical Research Featured in the Star Advertiser

Congratulations to Aleca Borsuk, an engineering major with a minor in botany, who was featured in the Star Advertiser today! Miss Borsuk is working on developing a way to grow nutritious leafy vegetables using energy efficient lighting, with limited space, and with faster than normal growth. This research is funded by Hawai‘i NASA Space Grant Consortium, aimed at developing new ways to produce food for astronauts traveling to Mars in an energy, space, and time efficient way. Borsuk says this research focuses on “squeezing every last inch of space and every last watt of electricity.” Working with Amaranthus caudatus, she developed a controlled growth environment that reduced self-shading within the plant canopies, resulting in increased irradiation for photosynthesis and more rapid development. Check out the full article here. Image thanks to the Star Advertiser.





Botany Seminar: Research from the National Tropical Botanical Garden

The Botany Seminar on Thursday, September 21st, at noon in St. John room 7 will feature botanists Seana Walsh and Dustin Wolkis,  National Tropical Botanical Garden (Kauai) who will be presenting on ‘Strategic seed science through a series of serious students’ and ‘Applied research to conserve the critically endangered and iconic Hibiscus waimeae subsp. hannerae‘.

Hauʻoli Mau Loa Foundation Graduate Assistantship Opportunity in Botany

Hawaiʻi high school graduates with an interest in natural resource management, here is a graduate assistantship position for you!

“Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation ( and the College of Natural Sciences are pleased to announce the availability of one graduate assistantship for local students dedicated to careers in natural resource management in the state of Hawai‘i. The assistantship comes with generous support for two years (2nd year pending satisfactory academic performance), including a Graduate Assistantship ($20,472 plus fringe benefits – step 6), a full tuition remission, and additional funds to be used for attendance costs (e.g., books, fees, travel to local and national conferences, and supplies).”

For eligibility and application instructions please see the full announcement, here: Hauʻoli Mau Loa Foundation Graduate Assistantship