Botany Vehicle

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Botany Vehicle

***Botany vehicle policy is subject to change! Please see the Botany Department Office to sign the Vehicle Use Policy before signing out for a vehicle.***

The Department of Botany has one Chevy Tahoe for official use by employees (including graduate teaching and graduate research assistants). Reservations for the department vehicle open every month and the sign-up calendar is located in the Botany main office. When you first sign up to reserve the vehicle, be sure to leave a copy of your driver’s license for the department’s records. Also, leave your cell phone number as your emergency contact number. You are responsible for picking up the keys from office assistants or secretary during working hours before your trip and for returning them promptly for the next user. Before returning the vehicle, clean it and refill the gas tank and fill out the vehicle mileage log and trip checklist. Gas is available at UH Transportation Services, 2027 East-West Road and will be invoiced to the department. If you are driving the vehicle for department teaching purposes and buy gas off-campus, keep your receipt and submit it to Cindy Wu for reimbursement. If you notice anything not working, please alert Patty Bedoya so that she may get it repaired.

*This vehicle is expensive to maintain, so please take care of it and report any problems ASAP. Also, if you don’t know how to drive in 4WD, make sure to ask for help before leaving on your trip. A damaged ego is easier to repair than a damaged SUV!

*Don’t forget to keep the phone number for the office on hand, just in case of emergencies: 956-8369. The vehicle is parked across East-West Road, opposite St. John and Sherman Halls.

** The vehicle may NOT be kept off campus over night **

** Violation of state motor vehicle laws will result in the permanent loss of Botany vehicle use privileges **