Botany Office Resources


Student Bulletin Board

In room 101 opposite the mailboxes is a bulletin board with important dates and student information. The work space around the board has office copies of references including the graduate student manual, graduate assistant handbook, and course catalog. If you know of funding or employment opportunities, you can post them on this board or corkboards on the 4th, 5th, or 6th floors.


Each graduate student has access to a mailbox in St. John 101. Mail, paychecks, announcements, etc will be delivered to your box. However, since space is limited, please do not have personal mail or packages delivered to you via the department. If you are leaving town, forward your mail to a friend who can keep track of all your deliveries. Mail forwarding can be easily arranged online through the US Postal Service.


See student assistants or Patty for building, office, lab, and classroom keys. You will need to fill out the key acquisition form and provide a $25 security deposit when signing out your key(s).


Botany main office (office hours only): Log in the start and end count every time you use the photocopier, and please note if you are using the copier for research, teaching, personal use, etc. You will be billed later for non-academic/ non-research use of the facilities. For help/the copier code, consult any of the office staff, and if you notice anything wrong with the copier, please notify office assistants or secretary ASAP.

Hamilton Library: A department copy counter for library copiers is available in the main office for research, teaching, or departmental use. As with the department photocopier, please log start and end counts and use.


Botany main office (office hours only): Leave your coversheet (not printout!) in the tray next to the fax machine as a receipt of the fax. All on-island faxes are free for the department, but off-island faxes are considered long-distance and you will be charged.
Campus Center: Faxing services are also available at the Campus Center’s Ticket, Information, and ID Office.