Puukohoka Heiau park dedication, 1975
Cultural Resources
North Shore Cliffs, Molokai, Reconnaissance Study

Halawa Valley, Molokai, Reconnaissance Study

Rota, CNMI, Reconnaissance Study (htm)
or download the report in pdf.

La Perouse Bay, Maui, Reconnaissance Study

North Field Tinian, CNMI, New Area Study

Peleliu, Palau, New Area Study - Draft

Peleliu, Palau, New Area Study - Final

Truk, FSM, New Area Study

Cultural resources work in progress:
This Tom Lea battlefield painting depicts what came to be known on Peleliu as the "thousand yard stare."
This Tom Lea battlefield painting depicts what came to be known on Peleliu as the "thousand yard stare." After weeks of prolonged and intense fighting against a tenacious and well dug-in enemy on Bloody Nose Ridge, the bone weary Marines took on the look.

The WWII Pacific War new area studies are available here on-line in htm version.

Stabilizing / reconstructing the seawall at Kaloko Pond

Current activities include stabilizing / reconstructing the seawall at Kaloko Pond and the two heiau at Puukohala Heiau.

One of many Mochong Latte villages, Rota.
Reconnaissance Studies of Areas for Possible Additions to NPS - htm files
One of many Mochong Latte villages, Rota.
Historic Structures Inventory, Kalaupapa - htm files
An ethnographic report, in final draft as a CESU Technical Report can be viewed as pdf file listed below:
The resource crew at Kaloko Pond is accurately restoring the old seawall, carefully replacing the original stones.
Linnekin, Jocelyn, Terry Hunt, Leslie Lang and Timothy McCormick. 2006. Ethnographic Assessment and Overview, National Park of American Samoa. Tech. Report #152, Coop. National Park Resources Study Unit, Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Hawai`i , Honolulu, Hawai`i.
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The 1977 Kalaupapa Building Inventory by Laura E. Soulliere and Henry G. Law is a complete inventory with descriptions and photographs of all structures on the Kalaupapa Peninsula shortly before the area was established as a National Historical Park. Images in the files here were scanned from Soulliere and Laws original negatives, and are the only complete set of photographs of the historic structures of all the original historic structures. View the Inventory in htm format.

In the early 1980s, as part of the first park Resource Management Plan, Henry Law and Bryan Harry developed a priority list of buildings for emergency stabilization, reflecting both the inadequate funds at hand and the extent of building stabilization required to save them from termites, mildew, and rot. View the Building Priority component of the Resource Management Plan in htm.

View a quarter century reflection on the priority list and stabilization results in htm.

View galleries of building images arranged by neighborhood priorities.

University of Hawaii -
National Park Service
As part of the National Park Service systemwide archeological program the Pacific Area has drafted An Archeological Survey Plan for the Pacific Islands Cluster, Pacific West Region, National Park Service