Fishes of Nationa Park of American Samoa

The NPSpecies Data Management System
Species Category: Fish
Park: National Park of American Samoa


The List of Fishes of the National Park of American Samoa was generated as an individual report from the National Park Service's "NPSpecies Database," with Richard Wass' photographs added as illustrations.

NPSpecies is being developed by the National Park Service (NPS) as a service-wide Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program to document the occurrence of plant and animal species in national park units. In its simplest form, this database will list all species that are entered for each park unit and list all park units for which a particular species has been recorded. Additionally, and more importantly for scientific credibility, NPSpecies has the capabilities to document multiple, supporting, verifiable "evidence" including references, vouchers, and observations for each species recorded in each park unit.

The NPSpecies is designed as one component of a larger, integrated system developed by the service-wide I&M program. Other components include a database to catalog traditional bibliographic information such as reports and publications and a database to catalog such non-traditional "data" such as GIS files, digital imagery, and digital databases.

NPSpecies is a work in progress, now only available to researchers using intranet. It will be generally available to all via internet in a few years. Eventually, many of the species in NPSpecies will be linked to illustrations similar to these in List of Fishes of the National Park of American Samoa.

Where Next?

Though this list of nearly a thousand native fishes of the National Park of American Samoa is an astounding sample of biodiversity--it is but a small component of the park's coral reef ecology. In preparation are similar lists of other significant species groups including corals, crustaceans, seabirds, and herps.

Samoa park has one of the greatest coral species diversity in the park system . . .
Soft Corals, along the outer reef
The park has only begun to monitor populations of its seabird rookeries . . .
Sula sula.  fua'o.  red-footed booby
The park has scarcely begun to inventory its crustacean species . . .
Stenopus hispidus.  banded coral shrimp
We are not yet sure of the extent of sea turtle breeding beaches.
Chelonia myas.  laumei.  green sea turtle

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