Fishes of Nationa Park of American Samoa

List of Plates

1 Sponges, Hydroids, Corals (to Pocillopora)
2 Corals (in part), to Zoanthids
3 Worms, Opihi, Periwinkles, Horn Shells, Barnacles
4 Worm Snails, Cowrys, Tritons, Drupes, Cones, Bubble Shells
5 Nudibranchs, Purse Shells, Chitons, Octopus and Squid
6 Rock Barnacles, Shrimp, Sowbugs, Hermits, Porcelain & Grapsus Crabs (part)
7 Grapsus, Swimming, Guard, and Xanthus Crabs(part)
8 Xanthus Crabs (part)
9 Xanthus Crabs (part), Starfish, Brittle Stars
10 Sea Cucumbers
11 Urchins (part)
12 Urchins (part), Hemicords, Ascidians, Tunicates

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