Fishes of Nationa Park of American Samoa

Common Names of Marine Invertebrates - Click name for more information

abbreviated cone false cup-and-saucer Mann's anemone sand sea cucumber
antler coral false limpets marbled shrimp saucer shell
areolated xanthid crab fan bryozoan marsh crabs scallops
    meandering sponge  
ark shells fast hermit Medusa spaghetti worm scaly rock crab
auger shells feather duster worms minute pens sculptured slipper lobster
feather hydroid mitres Scyllaridae
band shells feeble shrimp modulus sea anemone
banded coral shrimp fiddler crabs modulus shells sea buttons
banded ribbon worm finger coral mole cowry sea cucumbers
      sea cucumber snails
banded spiny lobster fireworms moon shells sea hares
      sea squirts
banded urchin flat chiton mud crabs serpulid worms
baskets flat rock crab mulberry drupe Seurat's hermit
black-foot opihi flea cone mussels seven-eleven crab
black nerite fringed cowry
sheriff-badge star
black purse shell frog crabs needle-spined urchin shingly hoof shell
black reef sponge frog shells nereid worms shore crabs
black sea cucumber
nerites slit shells
bloody hermit crab gaping clams nerite snails slug
blue-black urchin ghost crabs Nicobar triton snakehead cowry
blue dragon nudibranch giant opihi
snapping shrimps
blue-gray zoanthid glass anemone obelisk shells snowflake coral
blue rice coral glassy bubble shells oblong urchin Spanish dancer
box crabs goose barnacle octopus spider crabs
broadhand coral hermit
granular drupe opihi spiked helmet
brownbar snapping shrimp grape morula orange-banded snapping shrimp spindle shells
brown fan bryozoan green chiton orange cup coral spiny brittle star
brown-line paperbubble grooved snails orange didemnid spiny lobster
brown purse shell groove-tooth cowry orange fireworm spiny oysters
bubble shells gonodactylid mantis shrimps orange gumdrop spiny scale worm
Bugulidae Gould's auger ornate octopus spiteful cone
bumblebee shrimps Guam hermit oval squid sponge crabs
guard crabs oysters sponges, unidentified
calyx bubble shell
oysters spotted drupe
cat cone Haig's hermit crab
spotted stromb
cauliflower coral Hawaiian hermit pallid ghost crab spray crabs
ceriths Hawaiian oyster parchment worm squat lobsters
    peanut worm  
chitons Hawaiian pom-pom crab pearl oyster squid
chitons Hawaiian swimming crab pearly top shells striated cone
    pebble carved cone  
Christmas-tree worm Hawaiian top pebble collector urchin strombs
cirratulid worms heart urchin pebble crabs stubborn sea cucumber
clams Hebrew cone penniform cone sundials
clumpy nudibranch helmets pen shells swimming crabs
cockles helmet urchin periwinkles swollen bubble shell
collector urchin Hembel's rock barnacle petroglyph shrimp syllid worms
colonial cup coral Hemprich's star Philippean mantis shrimp
columna horn shell      
common guard crab Herdman's sea squirt pied brittle star talon crabs
common sea hare hidden hermit pimpled basket teated sea cucumber
cone shell hermit hingebeak shrimp pleated rock crab teddy-bear crab
cone shells honey cowry plump sea cucumber ten-lined urchin
conical hoof shell hoof shells polished nerite terebellid worms
conspicuous sea cucumber horn shells porcelain crabs textile cone
coral crabs horned ghost crab pretty liomera thorny oyster
coral gall crabs humpback cowry prickly horn tiger cowry
coral shrimps hump-backed shrimp protosquillid mantis shrimps tiger shrimp
corrugated liomera
punctured mitre toothed brittle star
cowries impatient sea cucumber purple rock barnacle top shells
Cuba frog snail intermediate thais purse crabs tower shells
cup-and-saucer Isabella's cowry purse shells tritons
cup coral island horn shell pyramid shells true limpets
cushion star
tuberculous nudibranch
jewel boxes rainbow swimming crab tufted spiny lobster
day octopus Judd's scallop rat cone tulip shells
difficult sea cucumber Juliana's sea hare red-eyed xanthid crab turban shells
dog shells
red pencil urchin turbans
dog whelks Kahe Point crab red porcelain crab tuning fork bryozoan
dotted periwinkle keeled heart urchin red reef lobster
dove shells Keferstein's sea cucumber red spotted nudibranch urchin-tail mantis shrimp
drupes keyhole limpets reef lobster
dusky anemone knobby snail reticulated brittle star variable worm snail
kona crab reticulated cowry ventricose arc shell
eared sea hare
reticulate saucer shell Venus clams
    ribbon worms  
elegant hermit lace bryozoan rice coral vermilion clathria
  lace coral right-handed hermit crabs violet-mouthed jewel box
  ladder tunicate rock-boring urchin
  Laurent's hermit crab rock louse warty sand urchin
  left-handed hermit crabs round-mouth urchin warty sea cucumber
  left-handed snails rubble crabs whelks
      white leucetta (sponge)
  leopard cone rusty guard crab white sea cucumber
  leopard sea cucumber   white-speckled sea hare
  leucetta (sponge)    
  lightfoot crab   worm shells
  light-spotted sea cucumber   woven top
  lined fireworm   white didemnid
  lined sea hare   white-spotted sea cucumber
  lion's paw sea cucumber   white striped flatworm
  little keyhole limpet  
  lobe coral   yellow acorn worm
  long-arm brittle star   yellow cone
  long-spined urchin   yellow-foot opihi
  Lottin's snapping shrimp   yellow-green sea squirt
  lumpy box crab   zebra hermit
      zebra horn

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