Fishes of Nationa Park of American Samoa

Fishes of Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park is an illustrated list of fishes occurring within the park -- each name linked to a species by family. If illustrations are available, thumbnail pictures on the family list pages link to enlarged photos.

Or, you can browse pages of illustrations arranged by family. With some browsers holding your curser on the image will pop up the fish name. (There, clicking on any image links to the enlarged photo).

Plate 1. Sharks, morays, conger eels, halfbeaks
Plate 2. Squirrelfish, cornetfish, pipefish, devilfish
Plate 3. Groupers, flagtails, hawkfish, cardinalfish
Plate 4. Scads, jacks, emperors
Plate 5. Mullets, goatfish, chubs
Plate 6. Butterflyfishes
Plate 7. Angelfish, damselfishes
Plate 8. Wrasses
Plate 9. Parrotfish, blennies, gobies
Plate 10. Moorish idol, surgeonfish (part 1.)
Plate 11. Surgeonfish (part 2.)
Plate 12. Triggerfish, filefish, trunkfish, puffers

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The principal sources of the fishes listed here are from:

Beets, J.E., E. Brown and A. Friedlander. 2006. Inventory of marine veterbrate species and fish-habitat utilization patterns in coastal waters off four National Parks in Hawaii. National Park Service, Inventory and Monitoring Program, Pacific Island Network, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI. 65 pp., (view this report in pdf), and

Parrish, J., G. Smith, and J. Norris. 1990. Resources of the marine waters of Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. Cooperative National Park Resources Study Unit, Technical Report 74. Dept of Botany, Univ of Hawaii. Honolulu. 118 pp. (download this report in pdf)

Names of fishes listed here are based upon John Randall, 2007, Reef and Shore Fishes of the Hawaiian Islands. University of Hawaii Press.

This website was developed from the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring website -- available for searches at Included are data from a report on fishes of Kaloko Honokahau National Historical Park dated May 5 2016..

Learn more about the NPSpecies Inventorying and Monitoring Program.

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