Fishes of Nationa Park of American Samoa

giant clam, photo by Peter Craig

Marine invertebrates of the National Park of American Samoa is an illustrated list of species occurring within the park -- each name linked to a species by family. Thumbnail pictures on the family list pages link to enlarged photos. There is an entry list by scientific names listed phylogenically (click here to go to the phylogenetic list).

The Stony Corals are extensive in Samoa and they are listed and illustrated at a separate site, Corals of the National Park of American Samoa. Click here to visit the coral site, but first bookmark this age for easy return.

Or, you can browse pages of illustrations arranged by family. With some browsers holding your curser on the image will pop up the animal name. (There, clicking on any image jumps to the enlarged photo).

Plate 1. Sponges to Worms
Plate 2. Shells, Patella Shells to Worm Shells
Plate 3. Shells, Cowries to Giant Clams
Plate 4. Sea Slugs to Nudibranchs
Plate 5. Oysters to Barnacles
Plate 6. Crabs
Plate 7. Feather Stars
Plate 8. Starfish
Plate 9. Brittlestars
Plate 10. Urchins
Plate 11. Sea Cucumbers
Plate 12. Chordates

Visit Corals of National Park of Am Samoa list corals

Visit Fishels of National Park of Am Samoa list fishes

This website was developed from the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring website -- now publically available for searches at The data are from a report on invertebrates of the National Park of American Samoa dated 24 September 2007.

Other sources augmenting that list of species listed here are:

Goldin, Meryl. 2002. Field Guide to the Samoan Archipelago. Bess Press, Honolulu,

Madrigal, Larry. 1999. Field Guide of Shallow Water Marine Invertebrates of American Samoa. ASG Dept of Education. 132 pp., and

Photographs and notes from the staff at the National Park of American Samoa


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