Fishes of Nationa Park of American Samoa

List of Plates

1Jellyfish, Soft Corals and Stony Corals - Zooanthidae, Alcyoniidae, Actinodiscidae and Pocilliporidae
2Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora sp. to A. austera
3 Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora cophodactyla to A. formosa
4 Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora gemmifera to A. nasuta
5 Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora noblis to A. samoensis
6 Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora secale to A. tenuis
7 Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora valida to Astreopora
8 Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Montipora
9 Stony Corals - Poritidae, Goniopora fruticosa to Porites cylindrica
10 Stony Corals - Poritidae, Porites lobata to P. solida
11 Stony Corals - Agariciidae
12 Stony Corals - Siderastreidae, Fungiidae, Oculinidae, Pectiniidae and Mussidae

Stony Corals - Faviidae, Diploastrea heliopora to Favia stelligera

14 Stony Corals - Faviidae, Favites abdita to F. russelli
15 Stony Corals - Faviidae, Goniastrea to Platygyra sinensis
16 Stony Corals - Merulinidae and Helioporidae
17 Stony Corals - Milleporidae

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