Fishes of Nationa Park of American Samoa

Corals of the National Park of American Samoa is an illustrated list of corals (phylum Coelenterata, or Cnidaria) recorded from waters in and near the park., If illustrations are available, thumbnail pictures link to enlarged photos.

Or, you can browse pages of illustrations arranged by family. With some browsers holding your curser on the image will pop up the coral name. (Clicking on any image jumps to the enlarged photo).

Note that this site only covers the park's corals--another site includes the other non-coral marine invertebrates. To access that site, click here on non-coral marine invertebrate photos.

This site is a work in progress, regularly revised as coral reef scientists working at or visiting the park share their knowledge and expertise about corals at the park's superb reefs.

Visiting scientists frequently preview these images and species lists on-line to maximize their time at the park. Lists and photo identifications are continually appended and revised as researchers comment on the website content. Former park marine biologist, Eva DiDonato, initiated the site--with preliminary coral identifications by Charles Birkeland of the University of Hawaii. Several other park ecologists and visiting scientists continue to add new content and critique the material presented.

Safety Cautions. The channels, or awa, draining tide or surge buildup from the park's lagoons carry strong rip currents. Beware of these areas. Currently the park has no search and rescue capability. Nearest Coast Guard capability is in Hawaii.

Plate 1. Jellyfish, Soft Corals and Stony Corals - Zoanthidae, Alcyoniidae, Actinodiscidae and Pocilliporidae.
Plate 2. Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora sp. - A. austera

Plate 3. Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora cophodactyla - A. formosa

Plate 4. Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora gemmifera to A. nasuta

Plate 5. Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora noblis to A. samoensis.

Plate 6. Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora secale - A. tenuis.

Plate 7. Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Acropora valida - Astreopora

Plate 8. Stony Corals - Acroporidae, Montipora

Plate 9. Stony Corals - Poritidae, Goniopora fruiticosa - Porites cylindrica

Plate 10. Stony Corals - Poritidae, Porites lobata - Porites solida

Plate 11. Stony Corals - Agariciidae

Plate 12. Stony Corals - Siderastreidae, Fungiidae, Oculinidae, Pectiniidae and Mussidae

Plate 13. Stony Corals - Faviidae, Diploastrea heliopora - Favia stelligera

Plate 14. Stony Corals - Faviidae, Favites abdita - F. russelli

Plate 15. Stony Corals - Faviidae, Goniastrea - Platygyra sinensis

Plate 16. Stony Corals - Merulinidae and Helioporidae

Plate 17. Stony Corals - Milleporidae

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This website was developed from the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring website -- available for searches at The data are from a report on corals of the National Park of American Samoa dated 26 September 2007.

The principal sources of information for the corals listed here are from:

Birkeland, C. 2007a. Manu'a islands/Rose Atoll, AS - coral species list. Report to NPSA. 2 pp. (view this report in htm),

Birkeland, C. 2007b. Tutuila/Aunu'u, AS - Coral species list. Report to NPSA. 2 pp. (view this report in htm)

DiDonato, E., C. Birkeland, and D. Fenner. 2005. A preliminary list of coral species of the National Park of American Samoa. Coop. Ecosystem Study Unit Tech. Rpt. 155. Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu. (view this report in htm)

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