Bat art used with permission from Posts and Telecommunications Dept., Apia, Samoa.
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1. Local facts and maps
2. Seasons and cyclones
3. Biodiversity
4. Volcano we live on
5. Status of local species

6. Our ocean
7. Coral
8. Coral bleaching
9. Palolo swarming
10. Giant clams
11. Octopus
12. Sharks
13. Surgeonfish: alogo
14. Surgeonfish: manini, pone
15. Old reef fish
16. Tuna
17. Sea turtles
18. Sea turtle hatchlings
19. Humpback whales
20. Marine mammal, reptile checklist

21. Land mammal, reptile checklist
22. Flying foxes (fruit bats)
23. Banyan trees
24. Wildlife foods
25. Streams: general
26. Streams: biology
27. Snakes
28. Toads
29. Land snails
30. Insects
31. Household bugs
32. Mosquitoes, filariasis, dengue
33. Fungus
34. Invading pests
35. Agriculture pests
26. Bird checklist
37. Pacific pigeon
38. Many-colored fruit dove
39. Honeyeaters
40. Starlings
41. Swiftlet (and sheath-tailed bat)
42. Rails
43. Cuckoo
44. Owl
45. Wetland birds
46. Shorebirds
47. Seabirds
48. Special birds of Manu'a
49. Christmas bird count
Appendix 1. Events of local interest by year
Appendix 2. Index of plant names used in text
Appendix 3. Figure credits
Preface &
This collection of articles provides a glimpse into the marine and wildlife resources in American Samoa's tropical, oceanic environment. The articles were written biologists at the Department of Marine & Wildlife Resources (DMWR), National Park of American Samoa (NPS), Land Grant Program at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC), and University of Hawaii (UH). Our purpose in writing was to make the results of our studies available to teachers, students, visitors and whoever else might be curious about Samoa's environment. The use of English, Samoan and scientific names of plants and animals varies among chapters, so the reader is referred to cross-referenced lists in the species checklists and the plant index at the end of this report (Appendix 2).

Several individuals, organizations and publishers kindly allowed their illustrations to be reprinted in this volume; their credits are listed in Appendix 3. Special thanks to Dick Watling for permission to reproduce the excellent pictures from his books “Birds of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa” and “Birds of Fiji and Western Polynesia” (

Joshua Seamon, Matt Le'i, Larry Basch and Tavita Togia provided comments throughout the text, and Tavita Togia and Art Whistler provided the plant reference list in the Appendix 2. Lelei Peau spearheaded the effort to translate the Guide into the Samoan language.

Support to DMWR was provided by the Federal Aid in Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Acts. Printing was made possible by grants from the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit at the University of Hawaii, the National Park Service and the American Samoa Coral Reef Advisory Group.