Key to the common species of Laurencia

1 Plants without lenticular thickenings in medulla 2
1 Plants with lenticular thickenings in medulla, with non-projecting tangential walls of cortical cells L. nidifica J Agardh
2 Tangential walls of cortical cells projecting 3
2 Tangential walls of cortical cells non-projecting 4
3 Plants compressed to flattened L. dotyi Saito
3 Plants not compressed or flattened, with final branchlets radially arranged in small branched clusters L. majuscula (Harvey) Lucas
4 Plants green except for basalmost part which may be reddish L. mcdermidiae Abbott
4 Plants not green 5
5 Plants with axes describing arches, ultimate branchlets irregularly attached, often unilateral; plants dark brown with gold-colored branchlets L. yamadana Howe
5 Plants without arching branches, stiffly radially branched to 2-3 orders, the ultimate branchlets firm and unbending L. cartilaginea Yamada

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