Key to the common species of Griffithsia

1 Plants consisting of beadlike cells 0.5 to 1.5 mm in diam 2
1 Plants consisting of elongate cells less than 500 µm in diam 3
2 Cells more than 1 mm in diam., only basal most cells of filament oval to obovate G. metcalfii Tseng
2 Cells less than 1 mm in diam., lower cells of filament often cylindrical and elongate G. heteromorpha Kützing
3 Filaments di,tri,poly-chotomously branched above, reproductive structures terminating shortened lateral branches, involucrate G. subcylindrica Okamura
3 Filaments irregularly branched, usually unbranched near summit; reproductive structures borne between upper vegetative cells G. schousboei Montagne

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