Key to the common species of Gracilaria

1 Plants with narrow percurrent axes, most branches nearly as long as axes, usually axes less than 1 to 2 mm in diam G. lemaneiformis (Bory) Greville
1 Plants with broad, branched axes, 1-4 mm wide, not percurrent 2
2 Plants decumbent, in clumps with up to 30 cm spread, crisp and cartilaginous, yellowish if exposed to dark brown if shaded G. salicornia (C. Agardh) Dawson
2 Plants erect, separated, isolated plants up to 30 cm tall, rosy tan in color 3
3 Branching mainly open, with few orders, the last order usually unilateral (like a giant comb) G. parvispora Abbott
3 Branching mostly closed with clusters of short dichotomies, last order dichotomous G. coronopifolia J. Agardh

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