Key to the species of Enteromorpha

1 Plants branched throughout, either with repeated branching and rebranching, or with profuse proliferations (mostly uniseriate of various lengths) 2
1 Plants seemingly unbranched, others branched primarily or only near the base 4
2 Plants typically to 4 cm high, ultimate branchlets numerous, uniseriate; cells cuboidal to rectangular E. paradoxa
2 Plants 5 to 40 cm high; if present, branchlets usually multiseriate 3
3 Cells of European specimens described as large, often to 45 - 50 Ám; chloroplast occupying only part of cell with numerous pyrenoids E. clathrata
3 Cells of European specimens described as small, often 6 - 18 Ám diam.; chloroplast occupying most of cell with single large pyrenoid E. prolifera
4 In surface view, cells mostly or in some areas arranged in longitudinal row ( in narrow tubes sometimes in both longitudinal and transverse directions E. flexuosa
4 In surface view, cells typically not in rows but arranged irregularly throughout; plants often inflated tubes of different widths 5
5 Upper parts of plant above stipitate base flat with cell layers united (not hollow), or remaining free along entire or a portion of margin E. linza
5 Plant with no stipe, or insignificant stipe; tube not united anywhere; tubular throughout E. intestinalis

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