Key to the species of Codium

1 Plant without branches 2
1 Plant with branches 6
2 Plant irregularly shaped, flattened and adherent to substrate 3
2 Plant globular, spherical 5
3 Utricle apices with inwardly directed jagged processes C. phasmaticum
3 Utricles often pitted but not with distinctly inwardly directed processes 4
4 Plant firm, utricles of various shapes and sizes but mostly less than 1 mm. long, apical wall frequently pitted (alveolate) C. arabicum
4 Plant spongy, utricles mostly 1.5 - 3 mm long, 150 - 350 Ám diam., apical wall not pitted C. spongiosum
5 Plant solid to hollow, but not thin, utricles to several mm long, often more than 1 mm diam (among the largest known in genus) C. mamillosum
5 Plant hollow, sack-like, thin, composed of utricles 250 - 280 Ám long, mostly about 100 Ám diam. C. saccatum
6 Plants with trailing, horizontal, divaricately dichotomous, terete branches secondarily attached to each other and to substrate, intertidal or shallow water C. edule
6 Plant with erect, dichotomous, terete branches tending to become unilateral as a result of unequal growth from the dichotomies; plant slightly flattened below, markedly flattened above; intertidal to shallow water C. reediae

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