Key to the species of Cladophora

1 Plant coarse, branching pattern conspicuous (not requiring magnification to see) 2
1 Plant soft or fine, branching pattern inconspicuous (requiring magnification to see it) 3
2 Plants with large cells, visible to the unaided eye, branches in fascicles C. dotyana
2 Plants with smaller cells, not visible to the naked eye, branches mostly on one side, at times, strongly rebranched and claw-like C. vagabunda
3 Plants in short tufts 4
3 Plants bushy or spreading, not tufted C. sericea
4 Tufts isolated, pale or dark green; axes and branches frequently with adventitious holdfasts C. socialis
4 Tufts sometimes coalescing; yellowish green to olive green, axes and branches without adventitious holdfasts, diameter of cells of second order close to that of primary axial cells C. laetevirens

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