Key to the species of Caulerpa

1 Erect axes and primary branches with serrate margins, simple without branchlets C. serrulata
1 Erect axes and primary branches with numerous branchlets, often regularly arranged and with distinctive shapes, rebranched in some species 2
2 Branchlets with narrow stalks and broad, flared or spherical tips 3
2 Branchlets cylindrical, flat and curved, tapering toward tip 4
3 Branchlet tips globose, with constriction between inflated tip and supporting "stalk" C. lentillifera
3 Branchlet tips of various shape, without conspicuous constrictions between apex and "stalk" C. racemosa
4 Branchlets terete, evenly arranged and continuous along erect axes and primary branches C. sertularioides
4 Branchlets distinctly pointed at tip, compressed, or terete with successive dichotomies 5
5 Branchlets flattened, sickle-shaped (curved with pointed apices) , not rebranched C. taxifolia
5 Branchlets terete, arranged in whorls (rarely distichous) and rebranched dichotomously several times 6
6 Branchlets opposite (paired) or in distinct symmetrical whorls of 4 (5), uniformly broad (about to 1/3 branch diameter) for about half the length of branchlet, then successively forked with branchlets from each dichotomy narrower and tapering to tip; plants to 2 cm C. webbiana
6 Branchlets 2 to several, uniformly slender, in verticillate clusters along axes and branches with dimensions of successive dichotomies similar throughout; plants to 3 - 7 cm tall C. verticillata

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