Key to the species of Dictyopteris

1 Fronds very similar to Dictyota species, but nearly wholly prostrate and with midrib; branching irregularly dichotomous D. repens
1 Fronds not similar to Dictyota (wider, taller, coarser), not prostrate; with numerous apical cells 2
2 With veinlets visible to naked eye, forming acute angles to the midrib; sporangia or gametangia in linear patches parallel to midrib; blade mostly distromatic from margin to midrib D. plagiogramma
2 Veinlets microscopic and faint; sporangia or gametangia in rows starting at midrib and arching downward to lateral margins; blade monostromatic for up to 15 cells from margin, then di-polystromatic to midrib D. australis

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