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I. Diagnostic Characters of the Blue-green Algae.

II. Simple cell construction.


There is no sexual reproduction cycle know for this alga.

III. Developmental lineages.

Simple to increasingly complex (Order Chroococales).

All of these genera reproduce asexually.

Increasing complexity but single cell that produces "spores" (Order Chamaeosiphonales).

Increasingly complex  morphologies (Order Nostocales) with   cell differentiation into heterocysts and false branching in some genera.

All of these genera reproduce asexually

Most complex morphology result in the most advanced order, the Order Stigonematales. This group of  bluegreens exhibits multicellular growth via true branching.  Heterocysts still occur.

All of these genera reproduce asexually.

IV. Recap major themes.

Increasing complexity shown in morphologies and cell differentiation.

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